A story of freshness




Our Frankincense comes from Somalia which is the centre for around 80% of the worlds total supply of this resin. The regions of Bari and Sanaag where local families and clans source the resin and make sure the production is sustainable. 


The frankincense trees are tapped twice a year (to ensure sustainability) using an instrument called a migaaf which allows the sap to flow and is then left for two weeks to harden before it is harvested into baskets to be graded and sorted.


Pure Ambience came about by sheer luck.  The owners, James and Deborah, were talking to a friend about crystals and their powers of healing when he mentioned that Frankincense was sometimes used in aromatherapy and had the ability to create a sense of calm when used as an oil or burnt in resin form. 


James and Deborah explored this idea and discovered a world of the most beautiful scent . They soon discovered that not all Frankincense is the same so set about finding the best qualities available.


They went for varieties of Frankincense from Somalia , namely the Puntland region, where the resin is harvested using sustainable  and highly skilled methods and the farmers are fairly paid.


So you can use the resins for their healing properties or to simply make your house have a wonderful aroma and energy we would really recommend our Frankincense.