Boswellia Carterii


Bowellia Carterii is the first grade in Boswellia Carterii frankincense and is carefully selected for its purity with little to no bark in the mix. Its colour can range from white, yellow or greenish hues. Bowellia Carterii has a lovely clean aroma with undertones of citrus. Bowellia Carterii is perfect for an everyday burn with a great mix of quality and price.

• Finest select grade frankincense
• Bowellia Carterii is for burning only. If you want frankincense for oral hygiene you must get Frereana Mushaad, Mujawal or Faskabiir.
• Great everyday incense
• Very clean aroma with undertones of citrus
• 100% Organic
• Sustainably harvested
• Fair-Pay assured farmers

When buying frankincense it is best to try different grades and types as the experience is always very individual and personal preference is paramount.