Myrrh Suhu


There are 2 types of Myrrh that are native to Somalia, Sarac & Suhul. At Pure ambience our Pure Myrrh Suhu is the Suhul grade which is the rarer of the two. Myrrh Suhu is fairly dark in colour and has a lovely woody, earthy aroma – quite different to frankincense. Definitely worth trying!

Myrrh Suhu can be taken orally and is said to be good for mouth ulcers and oral hygiene generally in a similar way to frankincense. The taste however is extremely bitter and might not be to everyones taste!

• Select grade Myrrh
• Myrrh Suhu can be burned or chewed
Said to be good for mouth ulcers and oral hygiene (however the taste is very bitter)
• Great everyday incense
Woody, earthy aroma
• 100% Organic
• Sustainably harvested
• Fair-Pay assured farmers

When buying any incense it is best to try different grades and types as the experience is always very individual and personal preference is paramount.