Boswellia Carterii Dark Beyo


Bowellia Carterii Dark Beyo is the second grade of Boswellia Carterii and has a very similar aroma to the grade 1 Boswellia Carterii. Bowellia Carterii Dark Beyo is darker in colour and is often used in ceremonies and in churches and cathedrals. Bowellia Carterii Dark Beyo has a slightly more potent aroma with a balsamic, woody undertone. Bowellia Carterii Dark Beyo is perfect for an everyday burn with a great mix of quality and price.

• Select grade frankincense
• Bowellia Carterii Dark Beyo is for burning only. If you want frankincense for oral hygiene you must get Frereana Mushaad, Mujawal or Faskabiir.
• Great everyday incense
• Clean potent aroma with balsamic, woody undertones
• 100% Organic
• Sustainably harvested
• Fair-Pay assured farmers

When buying frankincense it is best to try different grades and types as the experience is always very individual and personal preference is paramount.