Fereana Mushaad


Frerenan Mushaad is the finesse grade of frankincense available from Pure Ambience, with a beautiful delicate scent like a meadow of wild flowers. Frerenan Mushaad is reddish-orange to yellow in colour and can also be chewed (the same as regular chewing gum) and is said to be good for oral hygiene and freshening the breath. It is very popular in Saudi Arabia and Oman for this purpose.

• Finest Sultans grade frankincense
• Frereana Mushaad can be burned or chewed
• Great for oral hygiene and freshening the breath
• Delicate floral aroma
• 100% Organic
• Sustainably harvested
• Fair-Pay assured farmers

When buying frankincense it is best to try different grades and types as the experience is always very individual and personal preference is paramount.